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Coach Ryan Hale

Team Wolverine featured in the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Protrainer online.

Team picture in the April 2011 issue of Powerlifting USA.

Team Wolverine lifters have over 160 1st place individual finishes to date.

2010 100% RAW Mid-West Team Champions
2010 100% Raw American National Challenge 3rd place Team
2010 Omaha Open Team Champions
2011 AAU Orchard Team Champions
2012 USAPL Capital City Clash 2nd place Team
2012 NASA Iowa State Team Champions
2012 NASA Grand Nationals Team Champions
2012 UPA Regionals 3rd place Team
2013 NASA Iowa State Team Champions
2013 UPA Battle on the Miss. 3rd place team
2013 UPA Power week-end 3rd place team
2014 UPA National championships 3rd place team
2014 100% RAW Mid-West Regional Team Champions
2016 NASA Iowa State Champions

Cole Hale(25)

*Best lifter 242 Jr class at USPA Central Cali Open 4-13-13
*Best lifter 242 Mens Open at USPA Cali Sate Championships 10-14-13
*Best lifter 242 Jr class at USPA Cali State Championships 10-14-13
*Best lifter 242 Jr class at USPA Ventura Open 9-5-15
*Best Lifter 275 Mens Open at USPA Best of the West 4-16-16
*Best Lifter 275 Mens Open at USPA Iowa State Championships 10-22-16

Caden Hale(16)

* Best Lifter Teen Class 11-15-16 UPA Power Week-end

Cole Hale hits USPA Elite Total in Mens Open.On October 23nd, 2017 Cole hit a 722 squat,451 bench,and a 689 deadlift for a 1863 total at the USPA State Championships held in D.M. Iowa.Cole weighed in at 267#'s and lifted in the 275# class. I want to thank my good friend Wes Keith and 22nd St barbell for hosting the meet.

On April 16th, 2016 Travis Hohbach hits highest high school total ever for a Team Wolverine with a 1301# total in the 220# class(217). T. Hohbach hit a 502 squat, 293 bench and a 507 deadlift. T.Hohbach was lifting at the 2016 NASA Iowa State championships.

On Nov 11th, 2015 Caden Hale earned his 1st best lifter award at the UPA Power Week-end in Dubuque,Ia. Hale was awarded the best teen(13-19)lifter award at age 14 in the 148# class.

On Feb 12th, 2014 Team Wolverine lifter Garrett Hohbach goes off at UPA Nationals in Dubuque,Ia.Garrett competed in the 198# class at age 19.He hit a 502 squat,303 bench,and a 502 deadlift for a 1307 total at a bodyweigh of 196#'s. These were all UPA National records for his age/weigh class. Way to represent Team Wolverine Powerlifting.

I traveled to Las Vegas from Oct 27-29th, for the 2012 100% RAW Powerlifting World Championships to coach Cole Hale. There were 12 different countries and over 200 lifters competing over the 3 day event. Cole missed weight for the 220# class(222)and had to bump up to the 242# class.Cole only got his opener on squats but came back with PR's on the bench and deadlift for a come behind victory in the military,police,and fire class and is now a world champion.Cole had a bench of 308 and a 525 pound deadlift.

On July 14 and 15th,2012 Team Wolverine traveled to Des Moines,Ia to compete in the 2012 NASA Grand Nationals. We were lucky enough to have the Grand Nationals being held in Des Moines this year. We had a full team rooster of 10 lifters and set several more Iowa records. Overall we placed 1st in the team event besting several very good teams.Once again thanks to NASA.

On April 21, 2012 Team Wolverine competed at the N.A.S.A. State of Iowa Championships in Des Moines,Ia. This was the first time I had been involved in the N.A.S.A federation and I was very impressed with this event. Meet director Rich Peters,the loaders/spotters, and judges did a fantastic job. I thought it was one of the best meets we have ever been involved in.We had 9 lifters competing for the team at this event and came away with another 1st place finish as a team.There were several great teams competing and they all displayed fine lifting. I want to thank Rich Peters for doing such a great job at the meet. Team Wolverine will continue to support N.A.S.A in the future. It was nice to be at a meet where there was a big family feeling from all the lifters.

Team Wolverine made a great showing at the 2011 Omaha Open with many new PR's set for the team.We continue to train and lift very hard to make these PR's fall. In Jan of 2012 we lifted in the USAPL meet in Lincoln, Ne and placed 2nd as a team. Next up for us is the NASA event in Des Moines on April 21st, 2012.

Happy to announce that Team Wolverine won the high school team event at both the Omaha Open in Nov of 2010 and the AAU meet in Orchard,Ne in April of 2011. As a team we were a perfect 72 for 72 at the Omaha Open.Most recently we crowned 2 state of Iowa champs at the Mid-West PL Championships in Council Bluffs,Ia. Both the winners are new state record holders in 100% RAW powerlifting

Coach Hale
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